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We just went to Jaycees Haunted House this evening and it was awesome!! Yes, we waited in line for a little while but that is to be expected so close to Halloween. Overall, it seemed to take us some time to get through... the scares were endless. I would recommend Jaycees to everyone!! It is worth it!
Taraza T.
This was the first year I have been to Jaycee's Haunted House and I had a blast. I will be definitely going again.
Alysha H.
Just went through jaycees haunted house and emily's closet and it was very cool. Not for the faint hearted. If you get a chance, you should definitely go. Each year they do better than the last year. It's hard to scare me and I got at least 7 good scares.
Justin R.
Its been a very long time since I have been to the jaycees haunted house. Can't wait until I go again. Last time I went I was 8 years old. That was 11 years ago. I'm excited to bring friends with me this time that have never been huge horror freaks. It’s always been my favorite haunted house to go to. Thank you to all that try to make it a better experience every year.
Dustin B.
Every year my family and I look forward to entering the house of scares! Jaycee's definitely does a fantastic job! Everyone needs to check it out it's definitely worth the scare
Krystle B.
I loved it so much they do such a good job it is worth the wait in line.
Mia L.
Honestly, it was just great!!
Eduardo S.
My husband and I loved it! We screamed our heads off. Well done!
Denelle B.

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Volunteering with the Jaycees is an absolute blast. I've made some awesome friends, have too much fun, and help give back to the community.
Drysen C.
0/10 Stars. Concrete floors make digging your grave far more difficult than it should be.
Grave Digger the Clown
Customers are far too chewy, do not recommend.
I love the sounds of the customers screams and cries for help.