Meet the Actors

Grave Digger

Grave Digger started out as a circus clown, but after being kicked out for setting the tent on fire, he didn't know how to make a living, and resorted to digging graves. Will the next grave he digs be yours?


Scarecrow hasn't provided a story yet, probably because his mouth is sewn shut.


Cringe firmly believes that scaring you makes your meat taste even better. Favorite tools include his trusty chainsaw.


Chuckles might be our smallest clown, but the odds are good that he will give you the biggest scare.


He might be quite large for a winged creature, but you won't hear him sneak up on you until he wants you to...


Yes, that is an ice cream cone, but this clown is anything but sweet.


We can't seem to find Spaz to get his story. maybe he's behind you...

Babbles & Smiley

Want to play a game? Bables & Smiley love to play and have a few ideas on how to have fun, but you might not be a big fan of how this game ends...


Minnie might be based on a cartoon character, but the bat she carries is very, very real.


Those bells might just be the last thing you hear.


Brutus is still trying to find is sledgehammer, but then he'd really like to meet you.