Makeup Internships

Makeup Internships

Internship applications are closed for 2019.

Special effects makeup can be incredibly fun to learn, but many online video tutorials can show incorrect or even unsafe methods or uses of special effects makeup products. This year, the Jaycees Feargrounds will be opening up 3-5 internships* to teach passionate sfx artists or enthusiasts how to safely use products and try out many different techniques and skills.

Class Curriculum & Schedule

Each session will start with classroom instruction followed by hands-on practical work. Estimate roughly 2-3 hours per class, as we plan on having some fun!

Session 1

August 30th | 6pm – 8pm

Meet your Kit & SFX Makeup Safety

Get to know the items in your new kit, as well as some basic safety information on their use. We will also go over how the makeup department will run during haunt season. We will wrap up by diving in and playing with the materials.

Session 2

August 31st | 4pm – 7pm

3D Wounds, Burns, and Bruises

Learn SFX injury basics cuts, burns, wounds and bruises made with out of kit techniques, and start practicing 3D makeup looks. (Pizza will be served!)

Session 3

September 7 | 1pm – 4pm

Play with Paint: Mastering Monster Shapes

Learn about the many types of makeup you might encounter from cream paints, to water and alcohol activated paints. We will cover basic contouring and shapes for common Halloween monsters and creatures.

Session 4

September 21 | 1pm – 4pm


One of the most fun ways to completely transform an actor’s face is using prosthetics! We will cover how to use foam latex prosthetics, gelatin build up and prosaide transfers. Instruction will cover safe application and removal techniques.

Session 5

September 28 | 10am – 1pm

Lifecast Do's & Don'ts

We will cover safe methods on how to create a life cast, and possibly make one of your own!** We will also cover a fast and easy way to make a “mock” life cast that will allow you to quickly and cheaply create a life-like sculpting surface.

Session 6

October 5 | 5pm – 9pm

Sculpting your own prosthetics

Instruction will cover the many ways you can create your own prosthetics, including latex buildup and flat molds, and materials such as silicone and prosthetics.

Applications for the 2019 class are closed.


Attendance Requirements

The internship constitutes of 6 classes & 14 open house days. Interns cannot miss more than 2 classes, or 4 open days. Interns who complete the full attendance requirements will get to keep their kit after the haunted house closes! The materials will then be theirs to use and continue to create with as they wish.

We may be able to work around any scheduling issues, so please do not let that stop you from applying! Please check the class schedule below and our Hours & Location page for the days we will be open.

Thank you to our sponsors!

These internships are made possible by the support of these sponsors. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to provide this education to aspiring makeup artists in the Sioux Falls community.  

*Number of total internships depends on the number of sponsored spots.