What Type of Haunted House Visitor Are You?

what type of haunted house visitor are you

What Type of Haunted House Visitor Are You?

Thousands of people go through our haunted house every year. We do our best to scare you – I mean, hey, that’s what you pay us to do – and part of the fun is figuring out what type of visitor you are. 

We’ve narrowed down the kinds of people who visit a haunted house to a few different types. Which one are you? (Hint: there’s a quiz at the end, so you can find out.)

The Brave One

You’ve been through haunted houses before – or at least you’re good at acting like it. You’re probably the one who suggested going to the haunted house. You pretend like you can’t be spooked, and you’re the first one through the door when you get to the haunted house. A bit of advice: maybe let someone else go through the door first. You don’t know what chainsaw wielding clown might be on the other side.

The Teenage Girl

You’re our favorite. We know we’ll get some good screams out of you, since you freak out at anything that moves. We can peg you the second you walk in. And when you bring a group of friends just like you, we can’t hide our grins. It’s fun to hear the high-pitched screams echoing through the house.

The Hider

You’d use your own mother as a shield between you and the knife-wielding mad doctor. Maybe you aren’t truly a coward, but we’d beg to differ, considering you will always put your companion in between you and danger. Fun fact: it’ll be even more fun getting you after we’ve taken care of your friend(s) (whom you left to fend for themselves).

The Sacrificial Lamb

You wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a haunted house. That’s not because you’d be too scared and want out. No, you’ll just be the first one your friends will push in the path of the psychotic clown so they can make their escape. Maybe you should rethink you who bring to the haunted house with you…

The Jumper

Congratulations. You’re one of our favorite types of visitors. We know we’ll get good reactions out of you. Plus, you make our jobs so much easier, freaking out your friends for us when you grab their arms at anything that moves. Thank you for priming them for our terror.

The Reasoner

You know who you are. You talk throughout, describing what’s going on in the house to yourself and your group. Maybe you think it will help get you through it. Then you try to reason with us, demanding we stop scaring you. Why would we do that? Your talking makes it so much easier to hear you coming.

The Laugher

You scream, and then you laugh at your friends screaming. You enjoy everything about the haunted house, and love every minute you’re inside, waiting for the next terrifying moment. You’re the one at the end who says, ‘Let’s do it again!” Note: your friends hate you for having that much fun in a haunted house. But we accept you.

The Frozen One

Dude… It’s October. In SD. Did you really think the sexy bunny costume was a good idea? You’re definitely the one who never prepares well for a haunted house visit. Better hope one of your friends packed an extra jacket, and that the line is short outside. 

Which type of visitor are you? Take our quiz to find out

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