Wanted: Makeup Interns

Wanted: Makeup Interns!

We are super excited to announce our Makeup Internships! Up to six aspiring makeup artists will be selected to take a deep dive into special effects makeup, learning makeup safety, sfx makeup basics, how to apply those skills to haunted houses, and dabble in sculpting and casting their own prosthetics. If interns hit their attendance goals, they get to keep their new kits at the end of the scare season!

Applications Due By August 23

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, please apply by 11:59 pm on Friday, August 23. These courses are to help aspiring artists learn more, get first hand experience, and get them a basic kit so they can continue to grow their skill sets. If you have any interest in learning and putting those skills to use at the Jaycees Feargrounds, we would love to have you!

The Curriculum

The classes will be broken down into six days of intense study, starting with instruction on how to safely use products, covering materials beyond just what is included in their kits. Classes are:

  1. Meet Your Kit & SFX Makeup Safety. Meet your fellow interns and dig into your new kit while getting classroom education on the products, then get hands on and start playing!
  2. 3D wounds, burns, and bruises. Tackle fast and fun techniques on how to turn your haunt actors into battered monsters or the undead.
  3. Playing with Paint: Mastering Monster Shapes. Go over some basic contouring to create the illusion of prosthetics without having to apply them. Then, a fun speed round to get interns ready for the pace of haunt season.
  4. Prosthetics. Learn about the different types of prosthetic materials and practice safely applying, painting, and removing prosthetics from actors.
  5. Lifecasting Do’s and Dont’s. There is a lot of dangerous information about creating life casts, but it is a valuable skill for any sfx artist to have. Learn the correct process and materials to use for life casting, then some ways to sculpt without needing one.
  6. Sculpting your own prosthetics. Learning how to create your own prosthetics will open up the world of possibility for artists to create anything they can think of. Cover some fun and easy technic

The application does ask for your experience with SFX materials, as well as a link to any social media (Instagram etc.) where we can see your work. If you would prefer, we can also accept examples via email.

Make sure to submit your application asap!