Welcome to the Jaycees Feargrounds!

Welcome to the Jaycees Feargrounds!

The Sioux Falls Jaycees are proud to announce we have rebranded our Haunted House to the Jaycees Feargrounds!

There are many projects held each year to support our mission of leadership training through community service. The haunted house has grown to be our largest fundraiser and volunteer driver, supporting other projects such as the 4th of July Fireworks and Holiday Gifts for Kids.

Why a rebrand?

Since the haunted house was established by the Sioux Falls Jaycees in 1974, the name and brand of the haunted house hasn’t been consistent. Over the years, the brand and original purpose of the haunted house project have become a bit diluted.

The Halloween industry has grown exponentially in the past decade, with 175 million Americans planning to celebrate the holiday according to CNN. With this rise in Halloween celebration also came a dedicated board of directors that dreamed of building our project up to its full potential and helping create excitement for the growing haunted attractions industry we have here in Sioux Falls!

Why the Jaycees Feargrounds?

We wanted a name that would pay homage to the rich history the haunt has played in the Sioux Falls area in the last 45 years, and that would be inclusive of the overall organization. We also wanted to make sure the rename could still be recognizable as the same haunted house at the fairgrounds that the community has loved for years. The goal was to select something representative of who we are as an organization, and ultimately, the Jaycees Feargrounds fit the bill.

What’s coming for the Jaycees Feargrounds?

Planning for the 2019 scare season is already underway! This year we are upgrading our ticketing system to allow for online purchases, and we have a renewed focus on safety. We even have three members of management who are now CHAOS Certified!

We are looking to grow opportunities for our volunteers as well as ways to give back to the community, with programs including makeup internships, scare school acting classes and more! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates as we get closer to our favorite holiday of the year: Halloween!